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28 Sep 2016

Increase the Effectiveness of Lead Generation With a Strong Follow-Up Strategy

By: Justin Zappulla

In today’s marketplace, lead generation is a key part of the operation for any well-calibrated sales organization. Luckily, there are more ways than ever to generate those much needed leads, including traditional ways, such as customer referrals, email newsletters, trade shows and conferences,..

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17 Aug 2016

Infographic: How to Write an Effective Sales Prospecting Email

By: Janek Performance Group

Every day we get bombarded with hundreds of personal and business emails trying to vie for our attention. It’s become a time consuming part of our lives. We feel the urge to make ourselves available 24/7, constantly getting some type of notification or email on our smartphones and tablets, while..

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20 Jul 2016

4 Lessons Pokémon Go Can Teach Sales Professionals

By: Rudy Joggerst

Pokémon Go was released just two weeks ago, and has already become a cultural phenomenon. Within a week of Pokémon Go’s release, it’s spawned the biggest mobile game to date; attracting more daily users than Twitter, and it’s getting more app usage than Instagram, Snapchat or Spotify. You could say..

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13 Jul 2016

5 Cold Calling Mistakes That Trigger Rejection

By: Justin Zappulla

Cold calling gets an undeserved bad reputation. The Internet is full of experts that will tell you there’s little value in picking up the phone and following up on a lead that’s not expecting your call. I’d like to politely disagree with that line of thinking. In fact, if you’re targeting a..

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13 Apr 2016

Using Centers of Influence to Grow Referrals

By: Nick Kane

Everyone appreciates a good referral. It’s like a fish biting your bait when you didn’t even know you had your line in the water. Referrals are great because they take less effort; you don’t have the usual hurdles to overcome—establishing trust, winning over the prospect, building your credibility,..

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16 Mar 2016

6 Tips to Increase Trade Show Sales

By: Justin Zappulla

Spring is starting to show through here in our hometown of Las Vegas. We’re in the midst of trade show season and companies from a host of different industries are visiting the city to promote their offerings and vie for future business.

The sales-verse is inhabited by better-educated customers..

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02 Mar 2016

How To Overcome B2B Price Objections

By: Justin Zappulla

Bar none, the biggest objection a customer ever raises is price. Often they don’t comprehend the value of your solution, therefore concluding that the number you’ve quoted is completely arbitrary, maybe even greed-based. It’s true that today’s customers exist in a climate of global competition;..

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24 Feb 2016

What Top Sales Performers Have In Common With Your Best Friend

By: Justin Zappulla

And no, it’s not a shared love of slapstick comedies or a useless yet impressive ability to dominate outdated versions of trivial pursuit.

In fact, it’s much simpler than that.

At Janek, we consistently conduct research to identify the factors that contribute to the success of top sales performers...

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27 Jan 2016

6 Tips to Increase Your Voicemail and Email Response Rates

By: Justin Zappulla

If you cringed a bit when you read that title, chances are you’ve self-diagnosed as a serial message-leaver. In any industry – but especially in sales – waiting for prospect or customer responses can be an excruciating process. Not only is the sale often hanging in the balance, so is your pride...

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16 Dec 2015

Your B2B Sales Shouldn’t Take a Holiday

By: Justin Zappulla

At some point, everyone decided that the period between Thanksgiving and Christmas is a business black-out time. You know, people work shorter hours, you’re elbowing other shoppers on your lunch hour, that quiet guy from IT gets really un-shy after way too much eggnog at the office party, and..

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