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10 Oct 2018

How Understanding Choice Architecture Leads to More Effective Sales

By: Nick Kane

When Richard Thaler and John Balz of the University of Chicago and Cass Sunstein of Harvard Law School coined the phrase choice architecture in 2008, they clarified how decision makers make choices. More importantly, they illuminated how choice architects, such as sales people, can use choice..

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01 Oct 2018

Motivate the Middle Tier of Your Sales Team to Maximize Sales Revenues

By: Nick Kane

Although the 80/20 rule was first popularized in the business world by Richard Koch’s 1997 book, The 80/20 Principle, the concept itself was devised a hundred years earlier (1896) by Italian economist and sociologist Vilfredo Pareto at the University of Lausanne in his work, Cours d’economie..

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18 Sep 2018

Neuroscience in Sales: How a Positive Attitude Can Improve Your Performance

By: Nick Kane

You know that always cheerful, chipper coworker whom you wish somedays would turn down the sunbeam while you’re grumpily reaching for your coffee and mulling over the giant pile of paperwork on your desk? It turns out, Sunny Sunshine may have the right idea. That’s the general consensus from..

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12 Sep 2018

Neuroscience in Sales: Negotiations

By: Nick Kane

There’s a surprising amount of research on neuroscience in areas related to sales – it’s becoming a field of increasing interest as companies and academia seek to understand the biomechanics of the buying and selling processes. Today we’ll be looking at how neuroscience applies to negotiations, and..

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12 Jul 2018

Six Keys to Manage Your Sales Territory More Effectively

By: Justin Zappulla

You’ve just been awarded a sales territory by your sales leadership team. Now it’s up to you to properly nurture and grow that area to drive sales. In tandem with our most recent white paper on Developing an Effective Sales Territory Model, we want to share some best practices that help you..

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29 Jun 2018

The Power of Psychographics in Prospecting and Selling

By: Nick Kane

One of the hot new buzzwords in marketing and prospecting in recent years is psychographics, or psychological metrics. The term was popularized by William Wells in his 1975 article for Journal of Marketing Research, titled “Psychographics: A Critical Review”. 40 years later, it experienced a..

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