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13 Mar 2019

Personal Branding in Sales: Your Social Media Presence

By: Justin Zappulla

Recently, we provided an introductory guide to personal branding in sales. Today, we’re continuing our series by looking at personal branding on social media. It’s one of those things that sounds simple in theory, but in practice can be more difficult to implement successfully than most people..

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18 Feb 2019

Personal Branding in Sales: An Introduction

By: Nick Kane

In our digital sales age, we’re seeing increasing attention paid to the idea of personal branding. Although the idea itself is by no means new (a brief history is below), awareness of its importance and value in business – including for sales reps – is now reaching a critical mass of awareness...

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04 May 2016

Social Selling Pitfalls You Can’t Ignore

By: Nick Kane

Practically everyone manages their personal relationships via social media, so it’s no surprise that the business world has adopted the practice of marketing via different social channels, or that the term “social selling” has gotten a lot of traction in the past ten years. Because times change so..

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18 Mar 2015

Making a Winning First Impression

By: Justin Zappulla

In sales, a prospect’s first impression of you is a bell you can’t un-ring. If you mess up at “Hello, my name is …” you’re done for. Clients don’t decide to wait until their second impression. Think about how quickly you make assessments of people, say, in an airport, in a restaurant, in the car..

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